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Beaumont Health Insurance

The health care costs for individuals in Texas are lower than the national average. Although this seems ideal, the quality and overall performance of the health care received too is lower. Texas residents who buy a single premium from their employer only have to pay $617; the national average is $723. The employer contribution in Texas is $3,491 and the national average is $3,268. Texas employees also pay less for the total costs of family premiums (25% compared to national 24%); the employer also contributes less than the national average (75% compared to 76% nationally).

Living with Pre-Existing Health Conditions in Beaumont, TX

As a resident of Texas, the law doesn't ban private insurance companies from refusing your application if you have a preexisting health problem (other factors are looked into as well). Texas law also allows the health insurance provider to look at your medical records as far back as 5 years; this helps the company to decide when the diagnosis took place and how it was treated.

Unlike in some states, Texas looks at pregnancy as a preexisting health condition. Genetic health problems are not counted as a preexisting health problem. If you want to avoid exclusion periods, usually required for individuals with health problems, you may want to purchase an HMO, Health Maintenance Organization, health plan.

By going with a non-HMO health plan, you may be subject to an exclusion period up to 2 years; this means you won't obtain coverage for your health conditions until the waiting period is over.

Health insurance risk pools are available as an alternative for individuals having a hard time getting coverage. Limited policies and other public health services are too available.

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